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Nicola McCarthy

Human Resources Director, Flogas

According to a human resources (HR) expert, promoting fairness, flexibility and support for women in STEM through standardised policies, wellness initiatives and leadership opportunities fosters a positive company culture.

A positive company culture is multifaceted, akin to a jigsaw puzzle where each piece plays a crucial role. At energy provider Flogas, this begins with standardising policies and procedures across all levels, ensuring fairness and transparency, especially for women in STEM.

HR Director, Nicola McCarthy, says: “No matter where you work across the organisation — no matter the level — it will be all to the same standard. Consistency is crucial for creating an environment where women in STEM feel valued and supported.”

Company culture centred on wellbeing

McCarthy emphasises wellbeing and flexibility in today’s STEM roles. She believes a good work environment should provide comprehensive health checks and ongoing health screenings, promoting a culture of wellness. “People now look at roles from a wellbeing perspective, especially women,” she notes.

“Flexibility is crucial in work arrangements, allowing for hybrid work models, ensuring that employees can balance their professional and personal lives. This is particularly beneficial for women, who often juggle multiple responsibilities at work and home.”

Advancing diversity and inclusion strategy

To support women in STEM, Flogas has advanced its diversity strategy and advises other businesses to follow suit. Partnering with the Irish Centre for Diversity, the company has achieved bronze accreditation and is working towards silver.

This partnership ensures the company is on the right track in fostering an inclusive workplace. Meanwhile, guaranteeing pay equity and clear career paths, addressing potential gender pay gaps and promoting fairness in career progression are all key components.

Consistency is crucial for creating an environment
where women in STEM feel valued and supported.

Development and gender balance

McCarthy urges the continued representation of women in leadership roles. Ensuring more training and development opportunities for women in STEM and prioritising female candidates for senior positions will help companies achieve better gender balance.

“On all of our leadership teams, we strive for gender balance. It is crucial that we have female representation at all levels, especially senior levels where they can shape and build the company’s strategic direction,” McCarthy adds.

Cross-disciplinary collaboration for growth

McCarthy also highlights the benefits of cross-disciplinary STEM collaboration. By fostering networks and partnerships, such as with the Executive Institute and Network Ireland, the sharing of knowledge and experiences between women in various STEM fields is facilitated and encouraged.

This enhances both professional development and organisational innovation. “Creating an inclusive culture where women in STEM can thrive is not just beneficial for the employees, but it also drives the overall success and growth of the organisation,” McCarthy concludes.

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