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Women in STEM Q2 2023

Growth in engineering sector calls for more engineers to deliver secure future

Chief Female Engineer Using Digital Tablet Computer
Chief Female Engineer Using Digital Tablet Computer
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Aisling O’Halloran

Acting STEPS Team Lead, Engineers Ireland

Confidence in the engineering sector continues to grow as 71% of employers expect financial position to improve this year.

Engineers Ireland’s latest report, ‘Engineering 2023: A barometer of the profession in Ireland’, has found that the outlook for recruitment in the engineering sector in 2023 is positive, with 67% of engineering employers surveyed planning to recruit.

Rising demand from growth in the engineering sector

With so many engineering firms creating jobs in the short to medium term, there are ongoing challenges to ensure Ireland has the ready supply of engineering skills necessary to fill these positions.

The report highlighted that 72% of employers are concerned that the shortage of engineers with the correct skills is a major barrier to business growth. The top skills that are being sought after include fundamental engineering knowledge, effective communication and the design of solutions to complex problems.

Engineering addresses issues and offers rewards

Engineering touches the lives of everyone. It provides creative solutions to societal needs from tangible works, such as bridges and flood defences, to heart stents and prostheses as well as the invisible technology around us. It is also vital to addressing the challenges of climate change and the circular economy.

Approximately 79% of Engineers Ireland members surveyed agreed that engineering is a rewarding career for young people. Another 76% believe the profession offers equal career opportunities for women and men. Moreover, 63% also agreed that apprenticeships are an attractive route into engineering, with a higher percentage of females (70%) than males (62%) agreeing.

Engineering touches the lives of everyone.

How engineers contribute to society

Ireland’s youth will play a key role in pushing the boundaries of innovation to protect and enhance our environment and society. Future engineering graduates will be central to the successful delivery of ambitious infrastructural and technological initiatives. They will be uniquely placed to support our climate goals and ambitions.

To deliver a sustainable and digital future across all aspects of our society, educators, engineering organisations and third-level institutions must inspire and empower this next generation of innovators to pursue a career in engineering.

Supporting Ireland’s current and future engineers

Engineers Ireland’s STEPS programme — the only national full-time STEM outreach programme with a focus on engineering — supports industry and community leaders to engage with primary and secondary school pupils through several hands-on workshops and programmes.

As we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, we must continue to engage our young people and ensure they have the opportunity to experience the dynamic world of engineering.

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