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Women in STEM Q2 2024

Striving for 50% female representation and 40% women in management

Evanna Murphy

Promote Co-Lead, Connecting Women in Tech

Niamh O’Hare

Lead of Company Leads, Connecting Women in Tech

A network’s collaborative mission is empowering diversity and leadership in Ireland’s tech sector. Celebrate women in stem to shape a more inclusive future.

In the heart of Ireland’s vibrant technology sector, Connecting Women in Technology (CWIT) stands as a beacon of progress and empowerment. Founded by leading tech companies, its mission is to foster an environment where women can thrive in STEM fields. This collaborative effort over 25 companies in Ireland’s tech sector aims to create a nurturing environment where women can excel, innovate and lead.

Leading women in engineering progress

As International Women in Engineering Day approaches, it’s essential to acknowledge the progress made by networks like CWIT. Their vision of a balanced workforce, with 50% female representation overall and 40% women in management, is not merely a dream but a strategic plan in action.

They’re building a pipeline of future female technology leaders by attracting young minds through educational programmes. Retention is key, and its peer network supports women’s growth and development in the industry. Promotion through networking events and having a collective group of role models provides the visibility needed to inspire and encourage more women to join the technology revolution.

A recent gender pay gap analysis in Ireland
shows a mean hourly difference of 11.2%
among over 550 companies.

Gender pay gap in Ireland

A recent gender pay gap analysis in Ireland shows a mean hourly difference of 11.2% among over 550 companies, indicating a slight improvement but also highlighting persistent workplace inequalities. The most significant gaps appear in sectors like legal, aviation, insurance, banking and construction. Addressing these imbalances is not only fair but also essential for leveraging the complete capabilities of Ireland’s workforce.

Celebrating women in technology

The 2024 national Women in STEM campaign is a perfect complement to CWIT’s efforts. This multi-platform initiative will celebrate the accomplishments and full potential of women in STEM, targeting a wide audience ranging from students to seasoned experts. It serves as a celebration of talent, a call for action and a reminder that the future of technology is inclusive. This synergy ensures that the message of empowerment and opportunity resonates with a broad audience, igniting a collective movement towards a more equitable technology industry.

CWIT’s mission and vision are not only transforming the present but also laying the groundwork for a brighter, more diverse technological future. As we honour the accomplishments of women engineers, we must also support and amplify those who are making significant strides in the STEM world.

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